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  • aQuaria Making the marine and reef aquarium hobby affordable for everyone, nano reefs, marine products, marine fish, liverock, corals and many more.
  • aquariumcentre For a wide variety of aquariums, over 200 well stocked tanks and a variety of malawi cichlids and other tropical fish eg: discuss, visit aquarium centre.
  • Aquariums 'n Inhabitants - Convict Cichlid Breeding Daily journal of the breeding of convict cichlids.
  • Aquatank We have designed and built custom aquariums for the past eighteen years.
  • Aquatech Wholesalers Suppliers of fishkeeping necessities, both marine and tropical
  • Aquatek List A free membership listserve devoted to everything related to the aquatic hobby in Southern Africa and to indigenous fish.
  • Arowana Shar Pei Occasional quality breeders of KUSA registered Shar Pei.
  • Artic-Luv Alaskan Artic-Luv Alaskan Malamutes - our Malamutes are a tradition.
  • Ashburne Veterinary Clinic Opened in April 2002 at 34 Burne Crescent, Glenashley. Dr Klaus Schoeman and Dr Bartlett founded the practice.

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