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  • allpets - pets for all , dogs - cats - fish - birds from South African breeders and the South African public
  • Altyd Boerboele Aim at improving and elevating the boerboel breed. I strive in breeding boerboels with excellent temperament, love for children and a strong will to protect their families.
  • Amatikulu Aquarium Plants Detailed information of aquarium plants, their growth, propagation and maintenance as well as photos and plants for sale.
  • Amatikulu Pet Products Rawhide dog and pet chew manufacturers in South Africa.
  • Amazing Chinchillas A page dedicated to pet chinchillas - pictures, articles, information on the breeding and keeping of chinchillas.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier Promoting the American Pit Bull as a loving pet, and prevent the bad publicity surrounding the american pit bull terrier caused by the media.
  • Amjade Rottweiler Rottweiler breeders
  • Animal Anti-Cruelty League The Animal Anti-Cruelty League
  • Animal Doc The official website of the Village veterinary clinic.

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