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Stop your puppy from nipping - Part 2 of 5

If your dog was allowed to remain with mom and his littermates for an appropriate amount of time (until at least 8 weeks of age), then mom should have taught him the beginnings of bite inhibition. As the pups began to grow and develop those needle-sharp little puppy teeth, mom would have disciplined him for being too rough, either with her or his littermates. Junior soon learns that all play will stop and he’ll get smacked down by mom if he gets carried away.

But when you get that puppy home, and he becomes part of the family, you may be encouraging him to nip by letting the kids run away from him, squealing and giggling in an effort to play “chase” games. While this is cute at the beginning, it can soon turn into a full-fledged problem when he’s no longer such a small, cute puppy, and views any child running away as fair game.

You can also encourage this kind of bad behavior by teasing him with toys – holding them just above his head and yanking them out of range when he jumps for the toy or nips at it. (This also encourages another bad habit: jumping.)

Click here to see part 3 of 5.

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BIRDS - LOVEBIRDSLovebirds - We're More Than Just Friends.

If we see two people out in public and they appear to be affectionate, like holding hands or even kissing, there's usually a term we use to describe their behavior. The term we use is lovebirds, because they appear to be in love. But those people really are imitators, because the real lovebirds are birds. A lovebird is a type of parrot. Their name comes from the fact that they are very sociable and affectionate. When they bond with their mate, it usually lasts their entire life. Though it's possible to have only one, it's best to keep the birds in pairs.

The lovebird is short and stocky. It's considered to be one of the smallest parrots in the world. Though many lovebirds are green, they can come in many colors. The average life span of a lovebird can be anywhere between 10 to 15 years. There are 9 different species, so how can we know the difference? They can be identified by their colors and markings; each species has their own unique color scheme.

Lovebirds were basically unknown until the 1600s. Some Europeans, touring Africa, saw the birds and decided to write about them. The first lovebirds were imported into Europe in the 19th century but by the 20th century, many were being imported into both Europe and the US.

The lovebird can be found in Africa and in Madagascar. It prefers a dry and open area. The lovebird can lay between 3 to 6 eggs at a time and it usually takes about 22 days for the eggs to hatch. The baby birds generally leave the nest within 5 weeks of being born. When in the wild, lovebirds like to live in small flocks. Their diet consist of grass, seeds, fruit and vegetables.

Lovebirds are popular pets. Breeding lovebirds is a big business. Though some owners may have lovebirds from the wild, most are purchased through breeders. The lovebirds that come from the breeders are more tame and should probably adapt to their new environment, easier then lovebirds from the wild. Pet owners need to be sure they want lovebirds as their pets. If the owners only want one bird, then they need to know that a lovebird requires a lot of attention and interaction. That's why it's suggested that lovebirds be kept in pairs, so they can keep each other company. Lovebirds, just like humans, sometimes don't get along.

Owners need to make sure their birds are compatible, because if they're not, they will fight.

The lovebird is one of those exotic birds that has been able to adapt to domestication much easier than most other creatures from foreign countries. They make great pets, as long as the owners understand all that is involved with owning them. Maybe it's their social ability or the chirping that makes the lovebird such a desirable pet. People love having something foreign and exotic to liven up their homes and show off to their neighbors. Lovebirds have created a large and loyal following in the world of pet owners. 

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