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Your Dog Sees The World Differently Part 1 of 2

It was once thought that dogs were “color-blind” – only able to see shades of black and white with some grey, but scientific studies have found that’s not true. Dogs can see in color – ranging from blues and greens to greys and crèmes, and of course, black and white. It’s been estimated that humans can distinguish somewhere between 7 and 10 million different colors. (We don’t even have names for that many colors!)

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Birds - The Budgerigar

The budgie (also called a parakeet) is a common household pet. They have many different color combinations, however, normal budgies have a bright green plumage on their chests, green wings and black lines covering their small yellow heads. Other color variations for budgies are yellow, blue, violet, albino and unique color mixes made by breeding different colored budgies with each other. However, budgies are the basic green and yellow when they are in the wild.

In the wild, budgies live in Australia around woodland or grass areas that are near a source of water. Budgies are quiet animals that only chirrup when they are alarmed in their environment. Budgies travel in large flocks in the wild, especially during the time right after a season of abundant rainfall; flocks at that time are around tens of thousands, but normal flocks can range from one to three hundred.

Budgerigars feed mostly on seeds of native herbs and grasses that they find on the ground and do most of their drinking and feeding during the morning time.

Budgerigars or parakeets make excellent pets, although choosing a budgie for a pet can be a difficult task. Price ranges for one of these birds can be from 15 to 30 US dollars, so choosing a slightly expensive budgie would be best, because the lower priced budgies are not in the best of health. Trained budgies are the most expensive, however, you should consider buying a medium priced budgie that is in good health and not yet trained, so you will not miss the fun of training it yourself. Budgies will get lonely in an empty home, so if you are a busy person that is out of the house for many hours during the day, you should consider getting two budgies, this way the quiet empty home will not bore the budgie.

Training your budgie can be fun and easy; first you will need to let the budgie know you are its friend, let the budgie get to know you better by putting your hand on the budgie's cage and then moving your hand towards the budgie while talking and whistling softly at the same time. If the budgie becomes afraid of your hand in its cage, just stop your hand until the bird calms down. Next, move your finger toward the budgie's chest. If it starts getting scared again, repeat the process, but keep in mind that you can also use a perch if you do not want to use your hand. When the budgie lets you, press your finger on its chest and the bird should step on your finger, at this point, move your finger around in the cage with the budgie on your finger. When you and your budgie are friends, you can teach it to talk. Teaching your budgie to speak is not difficult. Start by continuously repeating the word or the phrase you want the budgie to say. Remember to speak slowing and clearly and only teach one word or phrase at a time.

The budgie is an excellent house pet that is available in a range of colors. Consider getting two budgies, because one will get bored if you work a lot and nobody is home. When you are ready to buy a one as a pet, choose a medium priced budgie, that way you will have a healthy bird, and you still can have fun training your new pet.

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